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HP Certifications

List of HP Certification Exams:

HP0-081 - OpenVMS System Administration
HP0-082 - OpenVMS Advanced System Administration, Performance, Support
HP0-083 - OpenVMS Network Administration
HP0-090 - HP-UX Virtual Server Environment
HP0-276 - OpenVMS Security Administration
HP0-664 - NonStop Application Design and Development
HP0-760 - NonStop Kernel Advanced (Level 2)
HP0-761 - NonStop Advanced Networking and Comms
HP0-763 - NonStop Kemel Systems Management and Operations
HP0-764 - NonStop Guardian Architecture
HP0-765 - NonStop Web Enabling
HP0-768 - NonStop Transaction Management Facility (TMF)
HP0-780 - NonStop Structured Query Language (SQL)
HP0-781 - NonStop Performance Analysis and Tuning
HP0-782 - NonStop Remote Database Facility (RDF)
HP0-786 - NonStop Advanced Application Design
HP0-787 - NonStop Advanced Application Development
HP0-A03 - HP-UX 11 to 11i v3 Differences
HP0-A08 - NonStop H-series Operating System Support
HP0-A12 - NonStop Security
HP0-A13 - NonStop Pathway TS and TS/MP
HP0-A16 - NonStop Himalaya Problem Management and Resolution
HP0-A17 - Install, Maintain and Upgrade NonStop Himalaya Hardware
HP0-A20 - Install, Maintain and Upgrade NS-Series Hardware
HP0-A21 - NonStop Kernel Basics
HP0-A22 - NonStop Systems and Technologies
HP0-A23 - NonStop NS-Series Servers Configuration and Planning
HP0-A24 - NonStop Data Communications Basics
HP0-A25 - NonStop SQL/MX
HP0-D09 - Implementing HP Converged Infrastructure Solutions
HP0-D13 - Technical Introduction to the HP Enterprise Portfolio
HP0-D15 Administering HP CloudSystem Matrix Solutions
HP0-D16 - Implementing HP CloudSystem Matrix Solutions
HP0-D20 Architecting the HP Matrix Operating Environment
HP0-D21 Implementing HP0-D21 HP Matrix Operating Environment
HP0-D23 Architecting HP CloudSystem Solutions - Delta
HP0-D24 - Administering HP Converged Infrastructure Solutions
HP0-J30 - HP Storage Essentials (SRM) Standard Edition
HP0-J33 - Implementing HP StorageWorks EVA Solutions
HP0-J45 - Designing and Implementing HP P4000 SAN Solutions
HP0-J46 - Designing and Implementing HP Enterprise Backup Solutions
HP0-J47 - Managing StorageWorks P9000 Solutions
HP0-J48 - Designing HP StorageWorks Solution
HP0-J49 - Designing and Implementing HP Cloud Solutions using HP 3PAR
HP0-J51 - Installing HP StorageWorks Solutions
HP0-J52 - Implementing HP SAN Infrastructure and Solutions
HP0-J53 - Designing HP Storage Datacenter Solutions
HP0-J54 - Advanced SAN Solutions Exam
HP0-J56 3PAR Solutions Advanced Service and Support
HP0-J59 StoreOnce Solutions Advanced Service and Support
HP0-J60 - Designing HP SMB Storage Solutions
HP0-J61 - Delta - Designing HP SMB Storage Solutions
HP0-J62 - HP Storage Solutions Foundation
HP0-J63 - Designing HP Backup Solutions
HP0-J64 - Designing HP Enterprise Storage Solutions
HP0-J65 - Designing HP SAN Networking Solutions
HP0-J66 - HP Storage Migration
HP0-J67 - Architecting Multi-site HP Storage Solutions
HP0-M200P - Advanced Business Service Management 9 Software
HP0-M201P - Advanced Project and Portfolio Management 9 Software
HP0-M202P - Advanced Operations Orchestration 9.x Software
HP0-M203P - Advanced Server Automation 9.x Software
HP0-M204P - Advanced Operations Manager for Linux/UNIX v9
HP0-M33 - HP Operations Orchestration 9.x Software
HP0-M34 - HP Server Automation 9.x Software
HP0-M35 - Implementing HP TRIM 7.x Software
HP0-M36 - HP Data Protector Software Fundamentals For Windows
HP0-M40 - HP Network Automation 9.x Software
HP0-M41 - HP Universal CMDB 9.x Software
HP0-M43 - HP Service Manager 9.x Software
HP0-M44 - HP SiteScope 11.x Software
HP0-M45 - HP BSM Platform and End User Management 9.x Software
HP0-M46 - HP Application Lifecycle Management 11.x Software
HP0-M47 - HP Functional Testing 11.x Software
HP0-M48 - HP LoadRunner 11.x Software
HP0-M49 - HP Virtual User Generator 11.x Software
HP0-M50 - HP BSM Operations Manager i. 9.x Software
HP0-M51 HP BSM Network Node Manager i 9.x Software
HP0-M52 HP BSM Operations Manager on UNIX and Linux 9.x Software
HP0-M53 - HP BSM Operations Manager on Windowsx 9.x Software
HP0-M54 - ArcSight ESM Security Analyst
HP0-M55 ArcSight ESM Administrator
HP0-M56 - Implementing HP TippingPoint Solutions
HP0-M57 HP Project and Portfolio Management Center 9.x Software
HP0-M58 HP Software Testing Foundation 11
HP0-M59 - HP Asset Manager 9.x Software
HP0-M60 - HP ITPS Executive Scorecard 9.x Software
HP0-M61- HP Storage Essentials 9.x Software
HP0-M62 - HP Client Automation Enterprise 8.x Software
HP0-M63 - HP Cloud Service Automation 3.x Software
HP0-M64 - Technical Introduction to HP ArcSight Information Security Solutions
HP0-M65 Technical Introduction To HP Fortify Security
HP0-M66 HP Data Protector 7.x Software
HP0-M92 Advanced Service Manager 9.2 Software
HP0-M95 Advanced UCMDB 9 Software
HP0-M96 Advanced Asset Manager 9 Software
HP0-M97 Advanced ALM using Quality Center 11 Software Exam
HP0-M98 - Advanced Scripting using QTP 11 Software Exam
HP0-M99 - Advanced LoadRunner 11 Software Exam
HP0-P10 - HP Integrity Server Multi-OS Installation & Deployment
HP0-P11 - HP Integrity Entry-Level Server Technologies
HP0-P15 - Planning & Designing HP Superdome 2 Server Solutions
HP0-P17 - HP-UX 11i v3 Security Administration
HP0-P19 - HP-UX Hight Availability Using Serviceguard v18
HP0-P20 - HP-UX 11i v3 System Administration
HP0-P21 - HP-UX 11iv3 Advanced System Administration
HP0-P23 - Architecting HP Superdome 2 Server Solutions
HP0-S27 - Implementing HP BladeSystem Solutions
HP0-S30 - Design and Implementation of HP SIM and HP Insight Control
HP0-S31 Managing Windows and Linux Server Systems
HP0-S32 HP BladeSystem Networking
HP0-S33 - Advanced Integration and Management of HP Server Solutions
HP0-S34 Implementing HP Rack and Tower Server Solutions
HP0-S35 Implementing HP BladeSystem Solutions
HP0-S36 Architecting HP Server Solutions
HP0-T01 - HP Performance Insight v5.x Software
HP0-Y27 - Deploying HP Enterprise Wireless Networks
HP0-Y30 - Implementing HP Networking Technologies
HP0-Y32 - Designing and Troubleshooting Open Standard Networks
HP0-Y36 - Deploying HP Enterprise Networks
HP0-Y37 - Migrating & Troubleshooting Enterprise Networks
HP0-Y43 - Implementing HP Network Infrastructure Solutions Exam
HP0-Y44 Implementing and Troubleshooting HP Wireless Networks
HP0-Y45 - Architecting HP Network Solutions
HP2-B100 - Selling HP Imaging and Printing Solutions
HP2-B101 - HP Imaging and Printing Technical Fundamentals
HP2-B102 - HP Imaging and Printing Sales Fundamentals
HP2-B103 - HP Imaging and Printing Security - Technical
HP2-B104 - HP Imaging and Printing Assessment and Design
HP2-B25 - HP LaserJet Solutions
HP2-B45 - Selling HP Designjet Large Format Printing
HP2-B53 - HP Advanced Office Printing - Sales
HP2-B67 - HP Imaging and Printing Assessment and Design
HP2-B73 - HP Document Workflow - Technical
HP2-B74 - HP Web Jetadmin Printer Fleet Management - Technical
HP2-B77 - HP Web Jetadmin Printer Fleet Management - Technical
HP2-B83 - Selling HP Imaging and Printing Solutions
HP2-B85 HP Imaging and Printing Sales Fundamentals
HP2-B86 HP Imaging and Printing Security Technical
HP2-B87 HP Imaging and Printing Technical Fundamentals
HP2-B89 - HP Web Jetadmin Printer Fleet Management Sales
HP2-B90 HP Imaging and Printing Hardware - Sales
HP2-B91 HP Imaging and Printing Supplies - Sales
HP2-B92 - HP Document Workflow - Technical
HP2-B93 Customer Comm Mgt-Design and Production
HP2-B95 Selling HP Exstream Software - Solution Development
HP2-B96 - HP Document Workflow - Technical
HP2-B97 - Selling HP Printing Hardware and Supplies
HP2-B98 - HP Web Jetadmin Printer Fleet Management - Technical
HP2-B99 - HP Web Jetadmin Printer Fleet Management - Sales
HP2-E35 - Administering HP Converged. Infrastructure Solutions
HP2-E37 - selling HP Bladesystems
HP2-E45 Technical Introduction to the HP SMB Portfolio
HP2-E46 Selling HP Volume Services Portfolio
HP2-E47 Selling HP Value Services Portfolio
HP2-E48 Selling Through Curiosity
HP2-E49 Technical Essentials of HP Servers, Storage and Networking Upgrade
HP2-E50 Consultative Selling of HP Mission Critical Technical Services
HP2-E51 Selling HP Cloudsystem and Converged Infrastructure Solutions
HP2-E52 Selling HP Cloudsystem and Converged Infrastructure Solutions Delta Exam
HP2-E53 Selling HP Enterprise Solutions
HP2-E56 - Selling HP SMB Solutions
HP2-E57 IT to Business Alignment - HP Always On Support Services
HP2-H01 Servicing HP Desktops and Workstations
HP2-H12 - Designing and Implementing HP Thin Client Solutions
HP2-H17 - Designing and Implementing HP Thin Client Solutions
HP2-H18 Selling HP Retail Point of Sale Solutions
HP2-H23 -- Sales Essentials of HP Workstations
HP2-H24 Technical Essentials of HP Workstations
HP2-H25 Selling HP Personal Systems
HP2-H26 - Selling HP Client Virtualization Solutions
HP2-H27 Servicing HP Desktops, Workstations and Notebooks
HP2-K09 - Supporting MSL2024 and MSL4048 Tape Libraries
HP2-K10 - Supporting MSL5000/6000 Series Libraries
HP2-K20 - Supporting HP P2000 StorageWorks Solutions
HP2-K21 - Designing HP Enterprise Storage Solutions - Delta
HP2-K22 - Selling HP StorageWorks P9000
HP2-K25 Supporting and Servicing HP P4000 Solutions
HP2-K26 - Supporting and Servicing HP StoreOnce Solutions
HP2-K27 Supporting and Servicing HP P6000 EVA Solutions
HP2-K28 Supporting and Servicing HP 3PAR Solutions
HP2-K29 Pre-Assessment Supporting and Servicing HP P6000 EVA Solutions
HP2-K32 Selling HP SMB Storage
HP2-K33 Selling HP Enterprise Storage Solutions
HP2-N26 - HP ALM 11 Implementations Upgrade Exam
HP2-N27 - Functional Testing/QTP 11 ASE Upgrade Exam
HP2-N28 - Selling HP Fortify Security Assurance Solutions
HP2-N29 Understanding HP TippingPoint Solutions
HP2-N30 - Advanced Performance Testing 11 Upgrade Exam
HP2-N31 - Selling HP BSM Solutions
HP2-N32 - Selling HP Application Lifecycle Management Solutions
HP2-N33 - Selling HP IT Performance Suite Solutions
HP2-N34 Selling HP BusinessService Automation Solutions
HP2-N35 - Selling HP IT Service Management Solutions
HP2-N36 - HP Vertica Solutions
HP2-N37 - Selling Hp Converged Management and Security Solutions
HP2-N38 - Advanced Project and Portfolio Management 9.x Upgrade
HP2-N39 - Selling HP SaaS Solutions
HP2-N40 - Implementing HP SaaS Solutions
HP2-N41 - Selling HP ArcSight Information Security Solutions
HP2-N42 - Selling HP TippingPoint Operational Security Solutions
HP2-N43 - HP Performance Center v.11.x Software
HP2-N44 - Selling HP Vertical Big Data Solutions
HP2-Q06 - Selling HP BCS Solutions
HP2-T16 - Industry Standard Architecture and Technology
HP2-T17 - Servicing HP Proliant ML/DL/SL Servers
HP2-T19 - HP BladeSystem Solutions [2010]
HP2-T21 - Administering HP Server Solutions
HP2-T25 Servicing HP Rack-Tower Server Solutions
HP2-T26 Servicing HP BladeSystem Solutions
HP2-Z12 - Servicing HP Networking Products
HP2-Z18 - Network Infrastructure AIS 2011
HP2-Z19 - HP Networking Essentials for Security Specialists
HP2-Z20 - S-Series Networking Product Authorization
HP2-Z21 - HP2-Z21 - Planning and Designing HP Enterprise Networking Solutions
HP3-019 - HP LaserJet 4200/4300 series
HP3-023 - HP Color Laserjet 2820-2840 Aio Datasheet
HP3-024 - HP Color LaserJet 4700 series
HP3-025 - HP Laserjet 9000 Series
HP3-027 - HP LasesrJet 4100 MFP Series
HP3-028 - HP Color LaserJet 46xx and 55xx series
HP3-029 - HP LaserJet 1150/1300 series Datasheet
HP3-031 - HP LaserJet 3000 and 3380/90 AIO series
HP3-033 - HP LaserJet 4345mfp series
HP3-034 - HP LaserJet 4100
HP3-036 - HP Color LaserJet 3000/3600/3800/CP3505 series
HP3-042 - HP LaserJet 5200 Series Printers Service and Support
HP3-045 - HP LaserJet 2400/p3005 series
HP3-051 - HP Color LaserJet 2600n/1600 series
HP3-102 - IP Routing Foundations
HP3-104 - ProCurve Fundamental WAN Technologies
HP3-112 - HP Designjet 10000s Service and Support
HP3-C02 - HP Color LaserJet CP6015 and CM6040 MFP Service Qualification
HP3-C03 - HP LaserJet P4010 & P4510 Series Printers Service Qualification
HP3-C04 - HP CLJ CM1312 MFP Series Service Qualification
HP3-C06 - HP Smart Printing Services
HP3-C07 - Retail Photo Solutions Output Devices
HP3-C08 - HP Photosmart ML 1000 Service and Support
HP3-C09 - Retail Photo Solutions Fundamentals
HP3-C10 - Intro to Photo Center Service and Support
HP3-C11 HP Scanjet N9120 Service and Support Qualification
HP3-C14 - HP Scanjet 5000 and 7000 Service and Support
HP3-C16 - HP LaserJet P3010 Series Printers Service and Support
HP3-C17 - HP ScanJet N6350 Service and Support
HP3-C18 - HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP4020/CP4520 Series Printer
HP3-C19 - HP Color LaserJet Professional CP5220 Series Printer
HP3-C21 - HP Smart Printing Services
HP3-C25 - HP ScanJet Enterprise 9000 Service Support
HP3-C26 - HP ScanJet Enterprise 7000n Service Support
HP3-C27 - SMB Printing and Imaging Sales
HP3-C28 - Selling HP QuickPage and InCommand Solutions
HP3-C29 - HP LaserJet Enterprise M4555 MFP
HP3-C31 - Color LaserJet CP3525 & CM3530 MFP Service Qualification
HP3-C32 HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP4020/CP4520 and CM4540 MFP Series
HP3-C33 - HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CP5520 Series Printer
HP3-C34 - HP Color LaserJet Enterprise CM4540 MFP
HP3-C35 - HP LaserJet Enterprise 500 Color M551 Series Printer Service and Support
HP3-C36 - HP LaserJet Enterprise 600 M601, M602, and M603 Series Printer Service and Support
HP3-C37 - Scanjet Enterprise 8500 fn1 Service and Support
HP3-C38 - HP Scanjet Enterprise 7000 s2 Service and Support
HP3-C39 - HPLaserJet Pro 300-400 color MFP M375-M475
HP3-C40 - HP FutureSmart Firmware
HP3-C41 - HP LaserJet M3035 MFP Service and Support
HP3-C42 - HP LaserJet 9000 and M9040/M9050 MFP
HP3-C43 - HP Color LaserJet 4700 and CM4730 MFP
HP3-C44 - HP Color LaserJet 9500/9500 MFP Series Service and Support
HP3-C45 - HP IPAA Tool Assessment and TCO Workshop
HP3-C47 - HP Channel-led Pay Per Use
HP3-F13 - Developing a Profitable SMB Strategy
HP3-F16 - Accelerate with HP
HP3-L04 - Selling HP 3PAR Storage
HP3-L07 - Selling HP Storage P4000 Solutions
HP3-L08 - HP 3PAR Hardware and Software Exam
HP3-L09 - HP Storage Sales Academy
HP3-R95 Servicing HP Networking Products
HP3-X03 - Servicing HP ProBook Notebook Products
HP3-X04 Servicing HP Essential Notebook Products
HP3-X05 Servicing HP Mini NetBook Products
HP3-X06 Servicing HP Workstation Products
HP3-X07 - Servicing HP All-In-One Desktop Products
HP3-X08 - Servicing HP Elite Desktop Products
HP3-X09 - Servicing HP Advanced Desktop Products
HP3-X10 Servicing HP Essential Desktop Products
HP3-X11 Servicing HP Notebook Products
HP3-X12 - HP Retail Point of Sales Solutions
HP5-H01D Delta - Selling HP Client Virtualization Solutions
HP5-K01D Delta - Selling HP SMB Storage
HP5-K02D Delta - Selling HP Enterprise Storage Solutions
HP5-Z01D - Delta - Selling HP Networking Solutions
PRA-S27 - Implementing HP BladeSystem Solutions
PRA-Y36 - Deploying HP Enterprise Networks Practice Exam
PRA-Y37 - Migrating and Troubleshooting HP Enterprise Networks Practice Exam

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