List of CA Technologies Updated Exams:

CAT-020 - CA eHealth r6 Professional
CAT-040 - CA eHealth r6 Administrator
CAT-060 - CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager r9 Professional
CAT-080 - CA Spectrum Infrastructure Manager r9 Administrator
CAT-100 - CA Application Performance Management Professional
CAT-120 - CA Application Performance Management Administrator
CAT-140 - CA SiteMinder r12 Professional
CAT-160 - CA SiteMinder r12 Administrator
CAT-180 - CA Service Desk Manager r12.x Professional
CAT-200 - CA Service Desk Manager r12 Administrator
CAT-220 - CA Clarity PPM v12 Professional
CAT-221 - CA Clarity PPM v13.x Professional Certification Exam
CAT-240 - CA Clarity PPM v12 Business Analyst
CAT-241 - CA Clarity PPM v13.X Business Analyst
CAT-260 - CA AppLogic r3 Professional
CAT-280 - CA AppLogic r3 Administrator
CAT-300 - CA Service Catalog r12.x Professional
CAT-320 - CA Capacity Management Professional
CAT-340 - CA Identity Manager r12.x Professional
CAT-360 - CA ARCserve Backup r16.x Professional
CAT-380 - CA ARCserve Backup r16.x Administrator Certification
CAT-400 - CA ARCserve RHA r16.x Professional
CAT-420 - CA Automation Suite for Clouds r1.x Professional
CAT-440 - CA Performance Management r2.x Professional
CAT-480 - CA ControlMinder r12.x Professional
CAT-500 - CA Process Automation r4.x Professional
CAT-540 - CA Unified Infrastructure Management 8.x Proven Implementation Professional

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