List of IBM Updated Exams - Page 7

M2040-788 - IBM Connections Cloud Sales Mastery Test v1
M2065-780 - IBM Intelligent Video Analytics Sales Mastery Test v1
M2070-740 - IBM Enterprise Content Management Sales Mastery Test v3
M2090-611 - IBM Decision Optimization Sales Mastery Test v2
M2090-618 - IBM Business Analytics Midmarket Foundational Sales Mastery Test v2
M2090-732 - IBM SPSS Modeler Sales Mastery Test v1
M2090-733 - IBM SPSS Statistics Sales Mastery Test v1
M2090-774 - IBM BigInsights Sales Mastery Test v1
M2090-805 - IBM Analytics Commercial Sales Mastery Test v1
M2090-813 - IBM PureData for Analytics Sales Mastery Test v1
M2090-822 - IBM Information Integration & Governance Sales Mastery v1
M2090-838 - IBM Cognos Analytics & Watson Analytics Sales Mastery Test v1
M2090-843 - IBM Data Servers Sales Mastery v1
M2150-753 - IBM Security Trusteer Web Fraud Partner Sales Mastery Test v1
M2150-808 - IBM Security Intelligence Sales Mastery Test v1
M2150-860 - Sales Foundations for IBM Security V1
M5050-769 - IBM Aspera Sales Mastery v1
M5050-793 - IBM MobileFirst Sales Mastery Test v2
M8010-852 - IBM Watson Supply Chain Sales Mastery Test v1
M9060-616 - TSM Butterfly Analysis Engine Report Sales Mastery V1
M9510-664 - IBM Rational Enterprise Modernization Sales Mastery Test v2
M9510-726 - IBM Rational DevOps Sales Mastery Test v1
M9510-747 - IBM Application Infrastructure Sales Mastery Test v1
M9510-789 - IBM PureApplication Sales Mastery v2
M9520-233 - IBM Social Business Solution Sales Mastery Test v1
M9550-752 - IBM Smarter Process Sales Mastery v1
M9560-231 - IBM Software Subscription & Support Sales Mastery Test v1
M9560-670 - IBM SVP Primary Support Provider Mastery Test v1
P1000-015 - IBM B2B Collaboration Solutions Technical Mastery v2
P2020-300 - IBM Cognos ICM Technical Sales Mastery Test v1
P2020-708 - IBM eDiscovery Manager/Analyzer Technical Support Mastery Test v1
P2020-785 - IBM MessageSight Technical Mastery Test v1
P2020-792 - IBM Now Factory Technical Mastery Test v1
P2020-795 - IBM Decision Optimization Technical Mastery Test v2
P2065-749 - IBM i2 Intelligence Technical Mastery Test v2
P2070-048 - IBM FileNet Image Services Administration and Support Mastery v1
P2070-072 - IBM Content Collector Technical Mastery Test v1
P2070-711 - IBM StoredIQ Technical Mastery Test v1
P2070-721 - IBM Case Manager Solution Design Technical Mastery Test v2
P2070-722 - IBM Case Manager Product Fundamentals Technical Mastery Test v2
P2070-770 - IBM Datacap Capture Practical Applications Technical Mastery v2
P2070-771 - IBM Datacap Capture Product Fundamentals Technical Mastery v2
P2090-011 - IBM InfoSphere Change Data Capture Technical Mastery Test v2
P2090-014 - IBM SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services Technical Support Mastery Test v1
P2090-032 - IBM Big Data Fundamentals Technical Mastery Test v1
P2090-046 - IBM InfoSphere Business Information Exchange Technical Mastery Test V1
P2090-047 - IBM PureData System for Transactions Technical Mastery Test v1
P2090-050 - IBM PureData System for Analytics Technical Mastery Test v1
P2090-054 - IBM Information Management DB2 10.5 pureScale Mastery Test v3
P2090-068 - IBM Information Management Informix Technical Mastery Test v3 (JP)