PASS-GUARANTEED.COM IS NOT A SCAM, COMPETITORS MAKING FAKE REVIEW POSTS ON DIFFERENT SITES WITH SAME WORDING has noticed that competitors are writing fake negative posts online to try to sway customers away from using Practice Exams. is the Largest Online IT Certification website and has been proudly providing online IT Certification Training products successfully for over 10 years now!

I would like to point out that Is Not a Scam and we have a very high pass rate when customers use our products. The authorities have the names and location of these spammers (Competitors) with the help of many Forum/Blog Webmasters that have given information on these spammers which turned out to be competitors to There are 6 posts online trying to say that does not refund if you fail and that our products are of no help, but that is completely false!

In response to 2 of these reports, we have requested order numbers or receipt ids without any replies! Regarding fake review post 1, which we describe below, we clearly prove it was a fake report by some fake user trying to put a fake picture of a Paypal receipt id. These fake posts are posted on, and

4 out of the 6 reports that we have found are fake! You can see that we request receipt id's and order numbers with no responses. Also, you can see that these fake complaints are submitted to other websites with the exact same wording to make it look like there are more complaints when it is just the same complaint (wording) on other websites. These fake posts make you think that they are more people when in fact it is the same person using the same exact posts, just on different sites.

Anybody online can put fake reviews about any company. This is becoming a big issue online for many businesses. It seems almost every business with an online presence is experiencing fake reviews. Just check out some of the links below where competitors are putting fake reviews about companies. These are just some example links you can view. There are a lot more businesses in different industries experiencing the same thing.

Information about Ripoffreport

Rip Off Report is a very popular online complaint portal that allows users to submit anonymous online complaints about businesses and individuals. Rip Off Reports rank very high on Google for whatever name the complaint is against. This causes an online reputation nightmare for anyone that gets a rip off report filed against them. The website is very difficult to work with in terms of getting a complaint taken off of their website, it is basically impossible to make or force them to take the complaint down. The website even states that it is their policy never to remove a rip off report complaint even if the original author requests it to be removed.

To make matters worse, rip off report allows people to say pretty much whatever they want about a business or person on their site. Anyone can file a "report" and say virtually anything about you regardless of the merit or validity of the claim (many companies have things posted like "The CEO is a pedophile"). Rip off report has purportedly been sued on many occasions but they are protected under the Communications Decency Act, which basically says that you can be aware of bad content online, do nothing about it, and still not be libel for it. Since rip off report is user generated content and rip off report is not the one actually writing the content, they can't be held libel.


Fake Review Post 1, which we clearly show is a fake:

This fake picture shows a receipt id of 0842-4006-7476-6328 but in the fake emails they have also put, it shows a different receipt id of 3PW65057LX423441F. This is where they messed up. You can read the whole fake post by clicking on the link above.

Fake Review Post 2

As you can see from this report, we request an order number or receipt id for the purchase. We do not get one.

Fake Review Post 3

As you can see from this report, we request an order number or receipt id for the purchase. We do not get one.

Fake Review Post 4

This report shows a competitor stating that we do not answer our phones and do not have live chat. We clearly state for our customer's to call us anytime or reach us on live chat. We have no order history for this fake complaint.

Valid Report 1:

This issue has been resolved with the customer and he is satisfied. Our webmaster put the 70-290 lab content on the 70-290 study guide page. This was resolved with the customer and he was more then satisfied after we have given him a free practice exam for the inconvenience.

Valid Report 2:

This issue has also been resolved. We did not receive any failed transcripts from this customer. We rarely have customers requesting a refund and I have to say that this is one of the first times I have heard a customer doing two exams in one day. Yes, this customer wrote 2 exams in one day. I strongly feel that the customer was not fully prepared in writing the 70-292 and 70-296 exams and rushed his studies to prepare for both these exams on the same day! Anyone who has studied for one of these exams before will surely agree.

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